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A universe of Mediterranean emotions: stories, voices, colours and legends from our land.

Strolling in history, from Sorrento to the most famous archaeological sites

Traveling is one of the best ways to spend your free time. A holiday on the Sorrento Peninsula offers endless opportunities to discover unknown places, travel between seaside villages and wide countryside, as well as take refuge in untouched bays.
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Sorrento Peninsula, the most beautiful beaches

Summer on the Sorrento Peninsula is a guarantee for those loving sun and long days on the beach.
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July of sun: the fair Limoni in festa and Sorrento limoncello

The month of July on the Sorrento Peninsula is synonymous with the sea, and especially with the sun. Very warm rays pamper us for long hours throughout the day, giving feelings of deep well-being.
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Praise to Sorrento treasures

Walking through the streets of the ancient villages of the Sorrento peninsula is like leafing through the colourful pages of an unforgettable novel. Fragrances, colours, flavours warmly embrace you and involve all the senses, especially the taste. The gastronomic excellences and the unique products of this enchanting land are in…
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Sceneries and colours of spring in Sorrento

Sorrento and the Sorrento Peninsula are special destinations all year around for a relaxing holiday, but spring - and in particular the month of May - is the ideal season to fully enjoy our land.
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Discovering the seaside villages of the Sorrento Peninsula

The Sorrento Peninsula is dotted with hidden and marvellous worlds. Little known and enchanting worlds, which once revealed lose some of their magic, but give precious moments to those visiting them. Among these, the ancient fishing villages deserve a special mention, as particular microcosms suspended out of time.
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Ancient and modern traditions: the timeless nativity scenes of the Sorrento peninsula

One of the best times to visit the Sorrento peninsula is Christmas and New Year, as this is an area of Italy where ancient traditions and deep-seated spirituality live in a close embrace, even today. The core message of Christmas – the Nativity – is lived out with aplomb by…
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Christmas lights, traditions and flavours on the Sorrento Peninsula

Surely the most exciting holiday of the year is Christmas, for children and adults. Whether you’re a devout follower or just a fan of tradition, the week of December 25th is hard to beat for its festive magic.
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Walk the Sorrento Peninsula: hiking at Punta Campanella

When you think of Sorrento, your first thought will probably be of golden beaches, gentle waves and the scent of lemons. But Sorrento and the Sorrento Peninsula have plenty of surprises, for both visitors and locals alike.
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From the kitchen of the Marea Restaurant: Linguine alla Nerano

The region of Campania offers an inexhaustible treasure trove of flavours, aromas and intoxicating scents. Nowhere is this more true than in the Sorrento Peninsula, where you can really taste the fruits of our land and seas.
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