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Discovering the seaside villages of the Sorrento Peninsula

The Sorrento Peninsula is dotted with hidden and marvellous worlds. Little known and enchanting worlds, which once revealed lose some of their magic, but give precious moments to those visiting them. Among these, the ancient fishing villages deserve a special mention, as particular microcosms suspended out of time.

Some of these are just a few kilometers from our 4-star hotel in Massa Lubrense: spend a day to discover them. It really is a unique experience, not to miss!


The charm of the fishing villages


The seaside villages on the Sorrento Coast are characterised by a strong bound to local traditions and a slow routine, in step with the weather and the seasons.

This is why these hamlets seem to float outside of time: the rhythm of nature knows no scheduled times or deadlines, it knows how to wait patiently until the appropriate moment.

Wandering among the narrow streets, discover a quiet and slow lifestyle, far from the modern chaos and metropolitan stress. The faces you will see will show wonderful smiles and welcome you with sincere words. Ancient traditions and authentic values ​​are combined here with the sea air and the fragrances of freshly caught fish. A watercolor painting of harmonious beauty.


Marina di Puolo and Marina della Lobra


Among the seaside villages of the Sorrento Peninsula, Marina di Puolo and Marina della Lobra are the most intimate and suggestive.

A cascade of colourful and marvelously different houses hosts fishing families, lovers of the sea in all its aspects. Not very far from the houses, many boats rest, as faithful companions in life throught the waves. Stroll along the dock and peek into the boats: you'll find unexpected details about the lives and personalities of the fishermen owning them.

To fully breathe the sea air and live a typically local experience, leave on a fishing tourism excursion. Only then will you have the precious opportunity to see with your eyes a traditional practice in Southern Italy.

In front of you, the whole fishing process will take place, with the fishermen's gestures repeated countless times, but unknown for those not living in direct contact with the waves. After fishing, on board you can taste the freshest fish of the sea.


A new and unforgettable sensation for the palate: discover it on holiday on the Sorrento Peninsula.

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