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Private pool
360° view over the coastline

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Our salt-water pool extends gently along a panoramic terrace, the perfect spot for unforgettable relaxing moments. Be lulled by the cries of the gulls and enjoy complete peace on one of the sunbeds. The idyll is topped off by the 360° view over the coastline.

A dive into nature

Elements of Mediterranean nature all around remind you where you are: on the most authentic part of the Sorrento coast. In the salt-water pool, enjoy the views of Capri and Ischia in the distance. On the semi-covered poolside terrace we have set up umbrellas and sunbeds, to create a new dimension of relaxation, yours.

Bar Miracapri 

For a delicious and refreshing break just a step away from your bed try the Bar Miracapri, right by the pool. Have a sweet milkshake, a fresh granita or your favorite cocktail, all served with a smile by our expert bartenders. For a perfect day at the pool.

“Outdoor pool, pleasantly away from noise, the sounds of the waves breaking on the shore below. All so enchanting and romantic.”

(Lorenzo M. – Trip Advisor)

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