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July of sun: the fair Limoni in festa and Sorrento limoncello

The month of July on the Sorrento Peninsula is synonymous with the sea, and especially with the sun. Very warm rays pamper us for long hours throughout the day, giving feelings of deep well-being. The summer warmth combines with overwhelming and unmistakable aromas: the intense scents of our lemons, the most loved fruits by the sun.

Unlike the others, the lemons of Massa Lubrense, where the 4-star Hotel Delfino is located, have a juice of straw yellow color and the peel encloses a triumph of essential oils. It is one of our most famous products in the world: this is why, for years, a fair dedicated to the local gold has been renewed.


The local festival: Limoni in festa


The celebration of our lemon, the Massese oval lemon also called "femminiello", takes place every summer. This year, from 13 to 15 July, the 45th edition of the Limoni in festa festival is scheduled in Massa Lubrense.

If you love the sun fruit, you can't miss the event at all: it is the ideal opportunity for tastings and gastronomic itineraries focused on this unique lemon. For three days, the city center is filled with stands of local specialties, songs and authentic olfactory symphonies. A rich calendar of events comes to life in the narrow streets, within historic buildings, in typical bars and restaurants.

Try the traditional dishes enriched with citrus fragrances, get lost in popular music and theatrical performances, follow the scent of our lemons in Massa Lubrense streets. And above all, taste the local limoncello, the most precious derivative of the oval lemon "femminiello”.


Elixir of our land


The Massa Lubrense limoncello is a real delight: fragrant and full-bodied, it perfectly combines taste and digestibility. The essential oils enclosed in the lemon peel, in fact, give aromas and beneficial properties to the whole body.

On the Sorrento Peninsula we never end a great lunch without a bit of this good digestion elixir.

The recipe of a perfect limoncello is not difficult, but the raw material is fundamental: the lemons should be local and ripened in the sun until the right harvesting moment. Moreover, you should be patient and take care of your liquor with passion and perseverance.

After infusing the lemon peels in alcohol, in fact, you should leave it rest at least thirty days, possibly away from direct light and heat. Once this time has elapsed, you have to filter the peels: the result should be a clear and aromatic limoncello, like no other.

Try - and taste - to believe.

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