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Praise to Sorrento treasures

Walking through the streets of the ancient villages of the Sorrento peninsula is like leafing through the colourful pages of an unforgettable novel. Fragrances, colours, flavours warmly embrace you and involve all the senses, especially the taste. The gastronomic excellences and the unique products of this enchanting land are in fact famous.


Lemons and nuts with an unforgettable taste


As soon as you arrive on the coast, you are greeted by the bright yellow and the heady aroma of the Sorrento lemons. It’s not surprising that this is the most typical fruit of Sorrento and it has been recognized by the European Union as product with Protected Geographical Indication (I.G.P.). But what’s the peculiarity of these lemons? Why did they become so famous? The main characteristic of the Sorrento lemon is the bright yellow and thick peel (covers more than 50% of the surface). This peel is the precious source of essential oils and gives off a fresh and regenerating scent. The fruit is very juicy and the pulp is rich in vitamin C and has a very pleasant sour taste. There are numerous recipes it is used in: appetizers, first courses, second courses, desserts and liqueurs such as the popular limoncello.

Among the characteristic orchards, the walnut trees do not go unnoticed and offer different beauties and nuances depending on the seasons. The colours may vary from red to bronze during spring and to bright yellow during autumn. Sorrento walnuts are a prized typical product of Sorrento. This land indeed provides an ideal sunlight environment to let these trees grow strong and robust. Sorrentine walnuts have a light coloured and thin shell and a delicious kernel. In terms of nutritional properties, these fruits are an invaluable source of polyunsaturated fats, useful for lowering the cholesterol level and contain vitamins and mineral salts.


Tomatoes and fragrant oil


In the hilly area between the municipalities of Piano di Sorrento and Sant' Agnello, you can admire the immense vegetable gardens where the typical tomato of Sorrento reigns supreme. It provides numerous beneficial properties to health. This tomato specialty, also known as the heart of beef due to its size, has a light red flesh with green nuances and has a pleasant and delicate taste. With the Sorrentine tomato you can prepare different dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, such as the caprese in which the tomato is accompanied with buffalo mozzarella from Campania, oil and basil. A real delight for the palate.

The oil from the Sorrento peninsula has extraordinary organoleptic properties and has been awarded well-deserved DOP label (Protected Origin) which guarantees it is produced, processed, and packaged in this specific geographical zone and according to tradition. It is produced with Ogliarola or Minucciola olives in a percentage not less than 65% and with Rotondella, Frantoi or Leccino olives, in a percentage not exceeding 35%. What sets it apart from the other varieties? A slight fruity scent and notes of aromatic herbs such as rosemary and mint. Thanks to its delicacy it is a perfect match for both meat and fish and it becomes the main ingredient if combined for example with lemon salads.


Dairy products


Dairy products from this area are also appreciated all over the world, starting with the Mozzarella di Bufala DOP. During your holiday in Sorrento, tasting buffalo mozzarella in local dairies is a stop not to be missed. We could talk about its peculiarities, such as the quality of the raw material used, the fresh buffalo milk or the particular processing consisting in the operation of the hand-spinning of the cheese which gives it an indescribable consistency. Or we could describe its very thin crust, white porcelain colour, containing a delicate and melting paste, characterized by an irresistible melting. But nothing compares to the experience you will experience tasting it.

Another specialty we suggest you try is the Caciocavallo di Sorrento, with its peculiar pear shape. It has a thin outer skin and a straw yellow colour that darkens during seasoning. It has typically a sweet taste but it is possible to find it either stuffed or flavoured in different ways.

Finally, it is impossible not to mention a product that dates back to the 1700s and that takes its name from the sackcloth cape similar to the ones used by monks. This was worn by the Sorrentine dairymen who were usually landing in Naples in the morning to protect themselves from the cold. We are talking about the famous Provolone del Monaco DOP. Its peculiarity is the milk used, strictly produced by the Agerolese cow, in a minimum percentage of 20%. The consistency is elastic, compact and soft, the colour is a cream white. We recommend to taste it alone or with jams of oranges, figs or chestnut honey.


Can't wait to taste these delicacies? We are waiting for you in our Restaurant Marea which takes inspiration from the best Sorrentine tradition and adds to it modern touches for an authentic culinary pleasure.

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