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Sorrento Peninsula, the most beautiful beaches

Summer on the Sorrento Peninsula is a guarantee for those loving sun and long days on the beach. Our land has many places where relaxing by the sea, from the most famous shores to the hidden coves among the rocks, the most precious.

Whatever you choose, blue water on the skin and a light breeze in your hair will combine with the touch of the sun, even in the warmest hours.


Sorrento and the most famous beaches


Sorrento, homeland of the author Torquato Tasso, needs no introduction: wonderful and wild, it boasts amazing landscapes, a rich culinary tradition and a joyful atmosphere all year round. In such a framework, cannot miss beautiful beaches, crowned by authentic vegetation.

Let's start with the Bagni della Regina Giovanna, so special because designed in a natural rocky cliff. The stretch of water is as clear as you've never seen before, the enchanting view, the colors are countless and indescribable in words. To reach such a wonder, however, you will have to face a descent on smooth rocks, so be careful!

The beaches of Puolo, San Francesco and La Solara preserve a very clean sea and a suggestive view of the Bay of Naples: this is why Sorrento people love these places so much.

However, the most famous beaches are the Sorrento Marinas: Marina Grande, a characteristic fishing village, includes a small volcanic sand beach, where you can relax before a lunch in the typical restaurants of the village. Marina Piccola is located below the Villa Comunale and is divided into a section with free access and one occupied by private establishments. Despite the limited size, the free beach is graceful and very pleasant for families on holiday on the Sorrento Peninsula.


The amazing bays of Massa Lubrense


Massa Lubrense is suspended between history and legend, it is the most extreme stretch of coast of the Sorrento Peninsula, with its eyes fixed on the captivating Island of Capri. Here, among postcard pergolas and lush olive groves, you will find small gems, absolutely to visit.

In the Marine Area of Punta Campanella lies a natural masterpiece: the natural fjord of Crapolla, an intimate bay you can reach just by sea or via a path stretching over 700 painted ceramic steps. A great little effort that will be amply repaid, trust me!

Marina della Lobra is a quiet fishing village immersed in an atmosphere of other times. Here you can relax on long cliffs and taste the freshest fish of our sea. The beach of Marciano, at the end of Massa Lubrense, has two direct paths down to the sea, with excellent restaurants, while the Cala di Mitigliano, reachable by boat or with a 30-minute walk from Termini, is a portion of paradise. The transparent waters are combined with the dark green of the Mediterranean scrub, the fuchsia of the bouganvillae flowers and a breathtaking view of the Island of Capri.


So, are you ready to dive?

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