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Walk in Sorrento, a city to enjoy at the end of the season

A pleasant temperature, the calm and relaxed atmosphere, the magic of the autumn colors that draws a sweet and varied frame: this is the atmosphere that the autumn creates in Sorrento. Living the town in this period offers the opportunity to savor it to the full, away from the crowding that characterizes this town in the summer. The autumnal peace and tranquility allow you to grasp its authenticity, especially if you visit those characteristic places that give off the charm of this reality. Doing it on foot makes this show even more evocative: it will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the delicious crevices and to breathe deeply all the scents that the coast releases.

There are three destinations that express all their charm during the autumn period, a few kilometers away from our hotel in Sorrento.


St.Franci's cloister

Next to the Villa Comunale is the famous cloister of San Francesco, an obligatory stop for those visiting Sorrento. In the autumn, the interior of the cloister lights up with magical colors that will delight your view, making the experience unique. The cloister is part of the church of the same name although, unlike the latter, it has preserved some traces of the original fourteenth century architecture. You will find a mixture of styles waiting to help you make the atmosphere harmonious and solemn.


Deep Valley of the Mills

If you value pristine preservation of beauty, you can't miss the Vallone dei Mulini, also called "Deep Valley of the Mills" thanks to the impressive English and American tourism that pervades the area, located in the historic center of Sorrento. Once a natural bed that flowed into the sea, in the seventeenth century a mill was built for grinding wheat, at the behest of the Correale family, then owner of the valley. The mill, which at the time was operated by the same rainwater, ceased its activity in the early 1900s. Since then, thick vegetation has grown lush in the area, helping to create an extremely evocative atmosphere. Admiring it in the fall, with the characteristic colors of the season, will leave you breathless.


Piazza Tasso - Corso Italia and Duomo di Sorrento 

In the historic center, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit Piazza Tasso, the main square of Sorrento and to walk along Corso Italia: here is the true heart of the town, which in autumn releases a magic hard to find in other periods of the year. A walk among bars, restaurants and shops, in complete tranquility, allows you to perceive all those nuances that are sometimes suffocated by the amount of people that pour into Sorrento in the high tourist season. The delightful walk finds its natural point of arrival at the Cathedral of Saints Philip and James, otherwise known as the Cathedral of Sorrento, which dominates the area thanks to the majesty of the bell tower with the '700 ceramic clock. Initially located elsewhere, for about a thousand years it has found its place in the center of the town. If the façade is in neo-Gothic style, the interiors date back to the Baroque era, mostly realized in the 18th century: an enthralling scenario that will transport you back in time.


Visit Sorrento outside the high season, discover the charm of the characteristic places gently caressed by autumn colors: book your unforgettable stay at the Hotel Delfino.


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